Society Belle Policy


Each client is given a free, no-obligation consultation up to one hour for single commissions -with further time allowances made for larger orders.

Consultations are usually held at my home in Southsea, address is provided upon allocation of appointment.

If this is not convenient, see information below about home visits and distance-clients.

Appointment times are generally granted between 1-4pm each weekday excluding bank holidays and one Saturday a month - 9.15am-5pm, which can be given on special request. 

If you have an appointment and are not able to attend let me know with as much advance notice as possible. Please be punctual, there will in most instances be an appointment after or before yours. I cannot accomodate you if you arrive when someone else is due for their appointment.

Feel free to bring clippings or swatches for inspiration, Pinterest’ mood board or image folders.


First consultation

I will produce a sketch of your request, take necessary notes of your requirements and where possible,

look through fabric swatches with you, measurements are not usually necessary on a first consultation.

Unfortunately I cannot book clients in without a deposit, so if you decide to engage me following your consulation, please secure your booking.

I retain the right to decline your order in the rare circumstance that I do not feel capable of what you seek to have made

or if there is no availability.


Sketches can be photographed for your reference or in some cases, kept by you unless I need to retain them as working drawings.

Please note that they are my original designs and remain my intellectual property.

 I do not publish sketches on the internet or photographs of the work in progress until the client has given the garment its debut outing,

as I feel it is very much the client’s prerogative to reveal the design first!


Home visit & distance clients

I am pleased to offer home visits, free within the immediate area -PO4 postcode  

if further afield a charge of £10 to cover travel expenses.

I am willing to take on distance-clients, but please note that accurate measurements must be provided for which the client is responsible. 

Recorded/insured postage costs are to be met by client. 


Fittings and measuring

Please wear layers of light clothing to your fitting so that you may be measured accurately

- all measurements are retained confidentially.

Garments will be made to fit the measurements taken, and adjustments made during subsequent fittings are included.

However, drastic changes in size from time of measuring -or inaccurate measurements given from distance clients- which require me to make more adjustments than usual will incur modest alteration costs, for this reason it is best not to measure too early.

  • Wear the underwear or similar, that you intend to wear beneath your gown, as it can shift your shape and even change your measurements, also this way I can ensure the cut of the gown conceals the underwear.

  • Bring a pair of shoes, the height that you intend to wear with the gown, in the case of full length garments, so that I can hem the preferred length for you.

If you are not able to come in person, please use this sheets for your measurements 


Quotes, deposits and payments

You will be given a quote upon request, please do not haggle my cost. 

By all means if you have a budget, mention it to me and I will see if we can put our heads together for something that falls within it.

If you are asking for a quote via email or text, please be very specific, as each item is individually priced on fabrics, sizes, details and cut,

as well as the time it will take me to carry it out.


A deposit of half of the total quoted order cost must be paid up front upon confirming your order. This is to secure my time, and to pay for the materials, so is of paramount importance. 

The remainder of the balance may be paid at your leisure in total or instalments before the agreed deadline Receipts are provided of course.

Collection may only be made once the balance is closed.


Items, embellishments and alterations 

May be added to your order, priced accordingly, if sufficient time to carry them out is available.   

Unfortunately I no longer do alteration on garments other than my own designs.




In the unfortunate instance that you have to cancel your order, please be aware that I am unable to return deposits as these are used for the purposes of purchasing the necessary materials, which is done as soon as it is received to avoid fabrics becoming unavailable. 

Please do let me know as soon as possible that you wish to cancel, if it is quickly enough for me to cease work at an early stage then I should be able to down tools. 

If it is too late, however and a lot of work has been carried out then we are both obligated to see it through: I will complete the order, client pays but the order then belongs to client and is the client’s own responsibility to re-sell to recoup costs.