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Frequently Asked Questions

Do you deliver to overseas clients?

Consultations can be done remotely and garments sent through the post, for further information, please take a look at Society Belle's distance-clients policy. 

What measurements do I need to supply for my order if I cannot visit you in person?

Please refer to the policy section for detailed information regarding fittings and measurements. We have a handy Google form for you to compile all of your order and measurements information in one place and email directly to us. If you need help to measure correctly, please get in touch with the contact form below, or telephone.  

Will you copy a designer gown for me?

All of our creations are our own exclusive designs. We won't copy someone else's work for ethical reasons, nor can provide someone else's design for cheaper than they sell it themselves. We'd like to believe that others wouldn't copy our work either. Why not allow us to design something completely unique to you instead? Guaranteed exclusivity and so much better than a copy. 

How long will my custom order take to create? 
In-stock items: Are available for immediate dispatch, please telephone if you are in a rush to receive. We use Royal Mail Special Delivery and dispatch within 3 business of purchase. 

Web and social-media bespoke orders: Up to 6 weeks from payment clearing and measurements being recieved. Telephone to request a shorter fulfilment if you are in a rush. we will endeavor to accommodate where possible. 

For Elaborate bespoke pieces that require research: Each of this type of job must be scheduled around previously-booked work, often I will be working on many, many projects all at the same time attending each one in turn. You will be provided with (or can suggest) a mutally agreeable completion date, if we agree on a deadline, you'll have it in time. The furthur you book in advance, the better. Expect to wait no less than a few months for a very complex piece.

How much will it cost?

Each Portsmouth Costumiers custom design is unique and bespoke, a detailed quote can only be provided after consultation, however, I do work within a client's budget. It's also worth bearing in mind that changes to the design will affect the cost.

Our in-stock items and sample designs can be reproduced at the price we retail them at, give or take extra requirements or customizations and respective of them being either stock items or bespoke (like-for-like).   


(Strictly by appointment only)

Portsmouth Costumiers is located at:

The Gods Studio and Dress Circle Saloon

New Theatre Royal 

20-24 Guildhall Walk 




If you have any enquiry, would like to speak to us about your ideas or want to order,

 please do not hesitate to contact me via our Facebook page or the message box below.


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