I can't see the animation...

Some of you may experience difficulties loading our annimations, especially if you are not using Google's Chrome browser. Appologies, we are testing a brand new application to display the costumes. No new software is without teething problems. Here are some suggestions that might aleviate the issue. 


When trying to access the animations, you may see a window warning you over a security certificate issue, this is because the host site has not renewed it's security certificate.

If you wish to advance, you can click "continue" 

There is no security breach threat, the website is simply not public yet (beta version).

If the window does not appear, go to the hozipicture website and click "continue",

found under "advanced parameters" refresh the Society Belle Odyssey page, and the animations should load !

Thank you for your patience, we are working hard to remove this inconvenience.